Welcome to Small Talking. I've been keeping a comic strip diary of my children (and their friends) since Reception and started publishing them online three years ago. I'll keep adding new cartoons and will stop doing them only when the kids cease to amuse me.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Learning to share


  1. I love your blog! it's genius, so hilarious and they remind me so much of my children.
    Have you ever consider doing commissions? I would love comic strip versions of some of the more amusing things that mine have said and done!

  2. Hello Phil - thanks for the comments. I'm not doing any commissions at the moment, I'm afraid.

    It's something I may do in the future, though. I've been caught on the hop by the positive response I've had to the blog and haven't really thought everything through yet. I'd love to hear your child's story anyway!