Welcome to Small Talking. I've been keeping a comic strip diary of my children (and their friends) since Reception and started publishing them online three years ago. I'll keep adding new cartoons and will stop doing them only when the kids cease to amuse me.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Hello All. Sorry for the gap - it's been difficult to find time to do the cartoons recently. I got whacked out and then my pens ran out, which I took as a sign to have a rest.

I'm hoping that I can get them commissioned so that I'll be able to justify spending more time on them, rather than having to do them at night / before the children wake up. (I work with my husband through the day).

I've also been learning how to animate the little blighters, which is exciting. Lots of ham acting up in the attic from the two of them.

New pens are ordered up for today, so should be back to normal soon.


  1. Have you tried the Women's magazines? There has to be a home for you somewhere, you're work is too adorable!

  2. Hello bnortondavies - thanks for the encouragement. I've managed to get an agent, who is intending to send a pack out to the women's magazines, but I've not heard anything back yet. FIngers crossed.

  3. Good luck with it all - I'm loving them!

  4. Your work is original, charming and funny, I would have thought it's exactly the kind of thing a magazine would want. Good luck!